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We promote a transparent business model that is attentive to the responsible management of resources.

Resell On Ebay | Save The Duck
Resell On Ebay
We're proud to pioneer the circular fashion movement with the new click-to-resell feature in collaboration with Certilogo and eBay.
Digital Product Passport | Save The Duck
Digital Product Passport
We aim to demonstrate how innovation and advanced technology can shape the future of fashion.
CO2 | Save The Duck
Every year we collect the data necessary to inventory all the emissions generated by our activities throughout the value chain.
Code of ethics | Save The Duck
Code of ethics
The Code of Ethics is one of the pillars of Save The Duck's governance system and encapsulates the values we promote and that inspire our employees. Discover more on the website.
Monkeys | Save The Duck
Care & Maintenance
A guide to help our community take care of Save The Duck garments and their performance.
Nothing like water | Save The Duck
Nothing like water
We balance our water impact in projects that provide drinking water to the Indonesian populations of Sumba Island.
Benefit Corporation | Save The Duck
Benefit Corporation
Materials standard selection | Save The Duck
Materials standard selection
Each of our products is composed of carefully selected raw materials, in compliance with social and environmental standards.
Coefficient 1% | Save The Duck
Coefficient 1%
Every year we donate 1% of our turnover to international and local charities that protect the environment, people and animals. 
B Corp | Save The Duck
B Corp
To obtain the B Corp certification, every three years we evaluate our impacts and our activities in the B Impact Assessment.
RSL | Save The Duck
In the Restricted Substances List, we regulate the use of specific chemicals throughout our production chain.
Our people | Save The Duck
Our people
We are committed to building an inclusive, healthy and safe work environment, where each individual can express their potential.
Bees Tied Together | Save The Duck
Code of interdependence
We are all interdependent: we involve suppliers, stakeholders and partners with whom we come into contact in compliance with fundamental principles.
Sustainability Reports | Save The Duck
Sustainability Reports
The Sustainability Reports contain all the results generated annually by our work: objectives achieved, those missed and those set for the following year.
Materials & Certifications | Save The Duck
Materials & Certifications
We select fabrics and materials certified by a third party and characterised by precise parameters, shared with our suppliers.
Supply chain | Save The Duck
Supply chain
We work every day to create long-term relationships with our suppliers, based on mutual trust and transparency.
UNGC | Save The Duck
We are a participant in the United Nations Global Compact, and we integrate the 10 principles of social, environmental and anti-corruption responsibility into our Sustainability Report.
WEPS | Save The Duck
We have adhered to the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) to promote gender equality throughout our value chain.

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