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Save the Duck is a smart and ethical company that looks to the future, not just to capture the new trends and transform them into cutting-edge collections, but even more so to strive for a shared objective: living in a totally animal-cruelty-free world.

That is why our products are 100% animal free and do not utilize feathers, leather, hide or fur.

They are designed to be the ideal travel partner for globetrotters around the world. Pocketable and comfortable, they can easily be folded and carried in their custom-made pouch. You can put them in your luggage for any destination or type of travel and they are perfectly adaptable to all seasons.

We have an enduring commitment: to improve the sustainability of our company by fully respecting animals, their environment and the people that live in it.

To us, creating fashion means being responsible for our actions and straightforward with our clients. Each and every collection is designed by our team to guarantee comfortable, attractive garments that respect the environment and animals.

Technological thermal insulation

Plumtech® by Save The Duck Jacket


PLUMTECH® does not employ products of animal origin, i.e. down feathers In 2014 Save the Duck was awarded the VEGAN FASHION AWARD by PETA deutschland (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, no-profit organisation that advocates animal rights). In 2015 the brand adheres to the LAV (Lega Anti Vivisezione - Anti Vivisection society) and has obtained an “Animal Free Fashion” certification.

The Save The Duck Properties

Ultra Light

PLUMTECH® is a padding created to imitate the fluffiness of down while preserving the advantages of technological thermal lining. Compared to traditional polyester, it allows us to produce garments with limited encumbrance that are light and guarantee total freedom of movement.

Ultra Light Save The Duck Jacket
Breathable Jacket by Save The Duck


PLUMTECH® absorbs high levels of humidity and dries very quickly. It also disperses the excess heat generated during everyday workouts and city use. Also guarantees Easycare: washing and drying our garments is extremely simple.


Thermal insulation and weightlessness. Thanks to the high density of its PLUMTECH® fiber, it can trap an extremely large quantity of air (the best thermal insulation) in its structure, preserving the body’s natural temperature and guaranteeing optimal comfort. Fashioning warm, yet lightweight garments is possible.

Thermal Jacket by Save The Duck

The Save The Duck Materials

Save The Duck Giga


The high-definition nylon fabric we use for Save the Duck garments guarantees weightlessness and fluffiness. It is thin yet resistant; thanks to it padding guarantees impermeability and wind protection, it absorbs humidity and dries rapidly. We offer our garments in a wide range of colours.

Breathable Grease Repellant


In addition to its already vast range of model, Save the Duck has now become even more ground breaking with the LAXY state-of-art technology that guarantees even more freedom of movement, not just while you practise sports but also for your down time and city life.The new bi-elastic fabric we use perfectly follows the contour of your body and the garment’s design. It is highly abrasion resistant and. thanks to a special interior membrane, it is extremely water-resistant ( 3000 wp mm/24h) and breathable(3000-5000mp g/m2/24h).

Breathable Grease Repellant Water Resistant Abrasion Resistant
Save The Duck Laxy
Save The Duck Angy


The special polyester/nylon fabric we employ in our Save the Duck garments is as elastic and practical as knitwear, while preserving the technical qualities essential for outdoor and city wear. Its special, lightweight, innovative an membrane X-aylon®, guarantees high performance in terms of impermeability (5000wp mm/24h), breathability (5000mp g/m2/24h) and wind protection.

Breathable Water Resistant


Our latest innovation is this new 100% nylon fabric with a polyurethane (PU) membrane that guarantees high performance (5000wp mm/24h - 3000mp g/m2/24h) and offers complete protection from wind, cold and humid weather conditions, thanks to the taping on every single stitching. Every garment in RUBY fabric can be worn over all our down garments for further protection.

Breathable Grease Repellant Water Resistant Abrasion Resistant
Save The Duck Ruby
Save The Duck Milk


The 100% nylon milky coating offers you full coverage from wet, also thanks to its totally taped seams. It guarantees breathability (3000 mp g/m²/24h) and water resistance (3000 wp mm/24h).

Breathable Grease Repellant Water Resistant Abrasion Resistant


Fake fur 100% polyester

Breathable Grease Repellant Water Resistant Abrasion Resistant
Save The Duck Fury

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