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We promote a transparent business model that is attentive to the responsible management of resources.

Resell On Ebay | Save The Duck
Resell On Ebay
We're proud to pioneer the circular fashion movement with the new click-to-resell feature in collaboration with Certilogo and eBay.
Digital Product Passport | Save The Duck
Digital Product Passport
We aim to demonstrate how innovation and advanced technology can shape the future of fashion.
Monkeys | Save The Duck
Care & Maintenance
A guide to help our community take care of Save The Duck garments and their performance.
Materials standard selection | Save The Duck
Materials standard selection
Each of our products is composed of carefully selected raw materials, in compliance with social and environmental standards.
RSL | Save The Duck
In the Restricted Substances List, we regulate the use of specific chemicals throughout our production chain.
Materials & Certifications | Save The Duck
Materials & Certifications
We select fabrics and materials certified by a third party and characterised by precise parameters, shared with our suppliers.

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