Two arms wearing Save The Duck Jackets and holding a Beatnic sandwich | Save The DuckTwo arms wearing Save The Duck Jackets and holding a Beatnic sandwich | Save The Duck

In celebration of World Vegan Month, Save The Duck and Beatnic have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership to promote compassionate and sustainable practices.

Together, we aim to spread animal-friendly options that align with our commitment to a plant-based lifestyle.

Beatnic, renowned for their delicious plant-based food, is collaborating with Save The Duck, a pioneer in cruelty-free outerwear.

In November, you can order the 'Peking Duck by Save the Duck' online, or in-store, exclusively at Beatnic’s Soho location; and make sure to stop by Save The Duck in Soho for fun prizes and discounts.

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| Save The Duck
| Save The Duck

About Save The Duck

Established in 2012, Save the Duck is dedicated to animal, environmental, and human well-being. They've saved 40 million ducks, produce animal-free garments, and aim for a "Net Zero" carbon footprint by 2030, financing climate initiatives since 2021. Additionally, 1% of their annual income supports charities focusing on animal welfare, natural resources, and human rights. They achieved B Corp status in 2019.

Beatnic Vegan Food | Save The Duck
Beatnic Vegan Food | Save The Duck

About Beatnic

Beatnic, founded in 2015 in New York City, is dedicated to serving 100% vegan and delicious food. Their menu features creative plant-based options, including salads, burgers, wraps, and baked treats, attracting both vegans and omnivores. With headquarters in NYC and seven restaurants in NY and Boston, Beatnic remains committed to its creative, inclusive, and vibrant values.

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