Men’s Hooded Puffer Jackets

Men’s Hooded Puffer Jackets

Clothing and outerwear that’s free of cruelty and doesn’t require you to trade away fashion, comfort, or performance.

  • "The fluffiness and breathability of duck down but with no animal cruelty involved"

  • "A functional jacket to protect us from unexpected downpours"

  • "A conscientious company with perfect puffers that prove that the future of fashion is vegan."

  • "Cute, comfortable and climate-conscious coats"

  • "The finest eco-friendly materials and design products that are as green as possible"

The Puffer Jackets Materials

Some incredible materials have helped us create vegan hooded puffer jackets that perform at or beyond the level of traditional materials. Innovative vegan fabrics and lamination treatments have helped us create jackets that are lightweight, breathable, and resistant to wind and cold. This is just the beginning. Our team is constantly looking for innovative new fabrics that can push past the current limits of vegan clothing.

See this material featured on the Men's GIGA Winter Hooded Puffer Jacket with Faux Sherpa Lining

The GIGA Puffer Jacket

GIGA is a high-density nylon fabric that is used on some of our hooded puffer jackets to provide warmth without adding a significant amount of extra weight. It’s a highly versatile fabric that is resistant to damage despite weighing very little. It provides excellent wind protection and dries rapidly when it gets wet. It absorbs humidity, helping to keep you feel drier when you’re exploring trails or taking a long walk in the rain.


The LUCK Puffer Jacket

LUCK is a 100% nylon fabric with a superlight construction and some of the best windproofing offered by any of our fabrics. It is comfortable to wear and to touch. The feel has been described as soft and smooth. Some have compared it to fabrics like fine suede. When applied to our hooded puffer jackets, it’s silky and luxurious. The material is also known for having a brilliant shine.

See this material featured on the Men's MEGA Hooded Puffer Jacket.

The MEGA Puffer Jacket

MEGA is a super shiny fabric that is used to protect some of our most snow-resistant hooded puffer jackets. In addition to having a very dense weave, it has a polyurethane lamination treatment that prevents most water from slipping through the fabric.

See this material featured on the Unisex SOLD Hooded Puffer Jacket

The SOLD Puffer Jacket

SOLD is a 100% knitted polyester fabric that is elastic and low maintenance. It works as a practical piece of knitwear, but it also possesses some impressive technical features. It is rated for excellent impermeability, breathability, and wind protection. Hooded puffer jackets built from this material wear equally well in the city or on the slopes.

See this material featured on the Men's ANGY Hooded Puffer Jacket.

The ANGY Puffer Jacket

ANGY is a delightfully stretchy fabric formed of 55% polyester and 45% nylon. Thanks to the freedom of movement it offers, it works well as a material for knitwear. It’s even more effective when combined with a lightweight membrane to form a durable coat. The hooded puffer jackets that we’ve built using ANGY are known for their easy stretching and excellent wind protection.


Free of cruelty

And doesn’t require you to trade away fashion, comfort, or performance.

SaveTheDuck was created to prove that amazing apparel can be made without harming animals, humans, or the environment—but we couldn’t stop there. We also wanted to prove that animal-free clothes could be the sharpest-looking items in your closet.

Applying these values requires a lot of innovation, but our designers were ready to meet the challenge. By using high-tech materials and creative fabric combinations, we’ve given our outerwear features that are comparable to all the top animal-based alternatives.

Our men’s hooded puffer jackets were developed to be the best examples of what our principles and ingenuity can accomplish. Each one is built of animal-friendly materials that perform well in many different temperatures.

These jackets are now available in a collection of different styles. You can find jackets that are nearly weightless and breezy enough for an evening walk on the beach. You’ll also find overstuffed jackets puffy enough to keep you warm when you venture out of the ski lodge.

The Hooded Puffer Jackets Features

Unique designs and special materials

Our men’s hooded puffer jackets come with a variety of features that are made possible by our principles, unique designs, and special materials. The features detailed below apply to most of our jackets.

All of our jackets are produced without endangering or exploiting any animals

Animal Friendly

All of our jackets are produced without endangering or exploiting any animals. For some companies, animal friendly only means avoiding animal-sourced materials such as leather, fur, or feathers.

While we consider it important to avoid using animal products, there are also other ways to avoid harm to animals along the supply chain. We take the next step toward truly cruelty-free practices by avoiding materials that involve animal exploitation.

We don't use any materials that require animal labor or involve animal parts in the production process. What that means for your jacket: You can rest easy knowing that you’re wearing something created without cruelty. If you have personal principles against wearing animal products, you can shop safely, here.

Hooded Puffer Jacket made from Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials

It doesn’t mean much to save animals if we’re not saving the places where they thrive. To really commit to being cruelty-free, we must also protect the environment. That’s why we’re committed to using recycled materials in our outerwear whenever possible. Many types of fabrics and materials can be reclaimed from existing products.

Currently, we offer RECYCLED PLUMTECH® padding. This is our classic polyester-based stuffing material but made entirely from reclaimed polyester. The polyester that is used is recovered from many items, including former waste materials (such as plastic bottles).

The RECYCLED PLUMTECH® padding has been tested to ensure that it performs exactly as well as the classic material. Breathability and great thermal protection can be expected from every PLUMTECH-lined puffer jacket. What that means for your jacket: You can choose to leave a smaller ecological footprint by choosing a jacket that’s made of recycled materials. Watch for recycled materials to come to more of our products in the future.

PLUMTECH® is a padding created to imitate the fluffiness of down while preserving the advantages of technological thermal lining.

PLUMTECH® Technology

PLUMTECH® is a padding created to imitate the fluffiness of down while preserving the advantages of technological thermal padding.

Compared to traditional polyester padding, PLUMTECH® allows to produce garments with limited encumbrance that are light and guarantee total freedom of movement. PLUMTECH® also guarantees Easycare: washing and drying our garments is extremely simple.

We’re constantly experimenting with what can be achieved with completely vegan materials.

At the Forefront of Vegan Fashion

We’re constantly experimenting with what can be achieved with completely vegan materials. Our past work proved that vegan materials could perform in cold temperatures and feel luxurious on the skin. However, we never took the focus off of fashion.

Every piece in our growing collection of hooded puffer jackets is a good match to some setting—whether that’s an urban night out or a trip to the slopes.

You’ll find a variety of different colors, textures, features, and cuts to match your personal style or vacation plans. You can trust that our jackets are built with your appearance in mind.

We design all of our hooded puffer jackets to last


As part of our commitment to cutting down on waste, we design all of our hooded puffer jackets to last. This commitment starts during the design process when we choose the fabrics that will go into each jacket.

Many of the materials we use don’t break down in the same way that animal-based materials like leather do. When cared for properly, they can last long enough to be passed down. We want you to be able to do that, so each jacket comes with a special set of care instructions. These instructions are designed for the unique blend of materials that make up each one.

Following these instructions will ensure that your jacket has a long life and maintains its shine. What that means for your jacket: Every hooded puffer jacket from our collection is built to last.

Options for every adventure

Options for every adventure

Hooded puffer jackets are a popular choice for a lot of different situations, including both outdoor hangout sessions and serious mountaineering expeditions. Our hooded puffer jackets are available in many configurations. There are enough options that you’ll be able to get the protection you need, no matter where your next destination falls on the thermometer.

You’ll find jackets in a variety of different weights. They are rated for different situations from warm to very warm. They also range from slim to overstuffed. Size is not always the best indicator of warmth. Some thinner jackets use more advanced tech fabrics. Make sure you click on a jacket to see it’s product details.

What that means for your jacket: You’ll be able to find a jacket here that’s the right match for your next stop. Select any jacket to learn more about its temperature rating.

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