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We balance water consumption linked to the production of our garments together with The Sumba Foundation.

Access to water and water balance

Access to drinking water is a primary asset that is essential for human health and wellbeing, but even today, unfortunately, many communities around the world cannot rely on clean water sources.

For this reason, in 2023 we began a water balance action in collaboration with the NGO The Sumba Foundation. On the one hand, we balance the water consumption of the production of our garments and the materials needed to make them; on the other hand, we make a tangible contribution to bringing drinking water to numerous villages on the island of Sumba, Indonesia.

Access to water and water balance | Save The DuckAccess to water and water balance | Save The Duck

The Sumba Foundation

Providing access to drinking water is by far the most important and consolidated programme undertaken by The Sumba Foundation. Our project with the Foundation represents an important step to help the populations of Sumba to rise up from poverty and improve their sanitation conditions.

Through the construction of water pumps and wells, we are able to provide many families with access to water, saving women and children from having to travel tens of kilometres every day to reach the nearest source.

Through collaboration, we want to help create sustainable economies to improve the living conditions of Sumba communities, while respecting their cultural traditions.

Water projects in Sumba*

Weluri Kalla Project: This is an old project that the Foundation discontinued in 2013. Now, with our support and the presence of an electricity grid in the area, it is possible to resume the construction of a pump that will provide drinking water to the old hillside villages.

Malisu Village Project: The second project involves the construction of an electric pump and a well at the spring that already exists near the village of Malisu. This will make a big difference, especially for women and children, who currently have to walk for miles on foot to collect even a bucket of water.

* Updated on 9/3/2023

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